Masu zushi, a kind of unique and taditional sushi in Toyama.

Looks like a cake? Actually it's a sushi with salmon from Toyama prefecture (about there, see this post)! Since my ancestors lived there, I visit Toyama a few times a year. You can eat fresh fish there, but it was difficult back in Edo-era (1603-1868) to bring it to the distance, such as Edo (current Tokyo). So what did they do? They began to make salmon salting, possible to travel with it.

 There are some stores where make traditional masu zushi in Toyama. They have their own ways of making though, they also have something in common. Look at the above picture. It's wrapped with a wooden box, and,

It is tied with elastics. When you loosen them, you can finally open the box :)

But it's wrapped again XD It's leaves of bamboo!


You can taste masu zushi not only in Toyama, but also other cities. If you find a place to get many kinds of Ekiben (about Ekiben, see this post :)) you might be able to find it because masu zushi is famous and popular as Ekiben too. Taste? I love this mixture of salmon and sour rice! :D

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