Daily life in the West Tokyo.

 Going to a museum named "Edo-Tokyo Open-air Architectural Museum" is one of my favorite times to take a rest. Surrounded by a number of old buildings, -some are European, some are Japanese, and the others are mixtures of their styles-, I could refresh myself, like 'Well, I'll do it again'.

 I've never seen such a beautiful museum in my life so far. You could finish seeing everything within hours because of its compactness. Still, I even like it.

 In spite of my feeling toward it, I always find few people there. Is it worthless to see? It's okay since I tend to see the value which people never take any glance.

 On the way back to my home, suddenly the sky turned black, began to rain, and unfortunately I didn't have an umbrella. It was so heavy but I assumed it was going to stop sooner or later because I could see blue sky some part between gray cloud. I would have waited for a while, but I kept walking to my home. "It's been a while." I thought myself. I am a person bring my umbrella everywhere, especially in rainy seasons like now. It was not that bad to be wet sometimes.

 The next day, I found the sun lighting to my room. It was beautiful morning, and moreover, it was Sunday, another holiday to me. It's always like this: happiness, sad, happiness, depression, and happiness.

 I go to a city to get some letter paper to write today :)


  1. こんばんわ、
    I really like your shisha pipe. Whenever I see it, it instantly reminds me off the days I spent in Marocco which is over 2 years ago. The sun was constantly shining, the temperatures were soaring over 38 degrees and I got the chance to get a nice tan ^^
    Guess what! Today I am going to make Ramen! :)
    I just have to buy some more ingredients and then it has to be perfect. もちろん、写真を撮る。
    (was that sentence okay?)

    1. Good morning, Suzanne-san :)

      Morocco! :D
      I wanted to visit there and planned to be 6 years ago, but instead of it, I traveled East Africa in 2007 :D

      I've received your mail with the picture of Ramen!
      You cooked really nice, putting an egg ;)

      Your sentence do make sense perfectly!
      Let's go further together, shall we?^^