Something about Ramen.

Ramen, probably invented in China once upon a time, is famous and familiar noodle in Japan. You can find small restaurants which serve Ramen everywhere in my country. Although I rather like cooking European foods like pasta or pizza, sometime I feel like eating Ramen.
If you start with making noodle itself, that's a quite long way to goal (surely it must be great experience though). Instead, most of people in my country go and buy it in the supermarket. Then, how about soup? It's a key of success to make Ramen, isn't it? Well, mostly we buy it again. Only we need to prepare is just topping like boiled egg and pork, and green onion.
One reason why we don't make noodle and soup is that it takes too much time and difficult to close to the taste that of in restaurants. Also, Ramen is not expensive if you go and eat in the restaurant. It's usually from $8-$10, depends on the restaurant and toppings you choose.
But here is a thing; some people consider Ramen restaurant for men. Truly, many women, especially young women don't want to go there alone. Such people may buy it in the supermarket and cook it by themselves like me;)

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