This photograph is taken in Hokokuji-temple, located in Kamakura. Kamakura is a historical place where is not far from Tokyo, takes about one and half hours by train. Therefore, many people especially living in Tokyo visit there for sightseeing.

I took it in Sugimotodera-temple in the morning, it is near Hokokuji-temple as I mentioned before. Kamakura was famous for the capital city when there was the Kamakura shogunate existed between 12-14 century. A lot of temple you can find there. They range from huge and small. I rather like small ones anyway;)

You may think it is quite creepy; a plenty of something are staring at you. they are called "Jizo" in Japanese. I don't know well, but they often stand by the country road, usually alone, protected by small wooden roof. You don't have to be afraid them; it seems that Jizo is respected and familiar because they are considered to protect our child. Some people, generally older men and women, give flowers or foods and pray.

Most people come up with Kyoto as the old city in Japan. That's true, probably worth visiting there more than Kamakura. However, if you have a chance to travel in  Japan, you can't miss Kamakura. Enable to be one day trip from Tokyo, not so many tourist, and silent place :)

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