Visiting Toyama Prefecture, mid 2016.

 Visiting Toyama prefecture, the northern region in Japan, is one of the most exciting and delicious experiences of the summer for me. In the mid August of 2016, my family and I hit the road by car, heading to the destination :)

 Immediately after arriving, someone invited us to the gorgeous dinner. Selected by local fish and cuisines, it was indeed an amazingly wonderful evening for us. I have to admit that I'm a person who initially don't like having homemade meals cooked by somebody else beside myself, and I was thinking maybe I'd go to a sushi restaurant after a short greeting to them. (I know how awful of my behaviour) But, once I found a table filled with a bunch of colorful, well-balanced of fish and vegetables, and moreover, the beautiful decoration, I made my mind to sit and eat with them.


 Since there was an hour or two before sleeping, I went to the Toyama Station to figure out what has changed after launching the bullet train between Kanazawa and Tokyo, that through Toyama as well. The modern, stylish station building replaced the old one, but I still sensed the old things remained here and there, and their combination, old and new, is what I'm really fond of :)

 The next morning....

 Let's start with a bright day at a Starbucks where is once selected "The world's most beautiful Starbucks". Located by a sophisticated canal park, it's a must-visit cafe whenever coming to Toyama :)

  Not only newly cafes and buildings, but also traditional restaurants and sights are fun to go. Dropping by a casual, small, family-run sweet stall is a good way to take some rest in the hot afternoon. The above photo is a Japanese rice-based sweet mochi, which is covered by chopped salty seaweeds. "Salty seaweed and sweet mochi?!" You may be surprised. Well... I think so, too. And that's exactly why I chose to eat it. The taste? Don't ask! XD


   Like anytime I visit Toyama, I couldn't go everywhere I wished to visit this time as well. Although I come to Toyama sometimes, the chance to make a trip is getting lesser and lesser. However, I'll drive to the place sooner rather than later, hopefully within this year :)


  1. Hi there!
    oh...I'm missing Toyama so much...Life here gone so busy I only get to visit Toyama when me and some of my friends in University gather up...I still love the country life there..

    1. Oh, me too, I miss Toyama every time I left there to go back to Tokyo, and visiting Toyama is one of my biggest leisures in my life :) As you may already guess, I always try to piece together about you by reading your comments and blogs. My small pleasure, haha.