having "Hitsumabushi", grilled eel on rice.

 There are some eel food lover in Japan. They love it, and many of them have their own favorite eel restaurants. Although the only time I have it is once a year or two, I always enjoy having passionate conversation about it. One day, I decided to go eat an eel food :)

 We call the dish "Hitsumabushi" (ひつまぶし), and initially it's a Nagoya style food. Born and raised in Nagoya, I'm quite familiar with this eel dish, which is dipped sweet sauce after grilled, then put it on rice. (Note: people in Nagoya truly love sweet, rather strong taste like miso foods)
Although the price of eels are higher year by year due to decrease of the amount they capture, but it's still affordable.
(It cost $26 in my case, for the record.)

 Together with sliced green onion,  seaweeds and a typical Japanese soup dashi, I really enjoyed having a late afternoon lunch with my friend :D

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