Relaxing stay at a hotel in Izu peninsula.

 When it comes to be a relaxing over-night-trip from Tokyo, Izu peninsula is one of the most famous destinations for many people. Hotels have fine hot springs, fresh sea cuisines including Tuna from the ocean nearby, and many many more is available. One sunny day, I caught the train to get there :)

 A couple of train rides later, I finally arrived at the destination. From my point of view as a person living in urban Tokyo, it was like, "Wow". A tiny station without anyone, thus no one checks my ticket. What should I do? Do I just pass the gate through, leaving the ticket on the desk without any staff? Well, I did it anyway, went out of the station.

 The hotel was initially for people staying with their dogs, and that explained why most of them walked corridors and pool sides with their dogs. I wonder why I came this place alone, haha. (Well, that's the story I sometimes do.)

 Reading old books, taking photos in front of a mirro...These are things I always do whenever I go outside XD

 Okay, let's have a Japanese style "Kaiseki (会席料理)" course. Starting from a small dish and assorted raw fish, they serve a variety of meals one by one, with different way of cooking and plates. I love this kind of gorgeous cuisines :)


 I decided to take a short walk after the dinner, and it was then that I found the Milky Way lying across the sky with a whole bunch of stars. Astonishing, indeed. Izu peninsula is just 140km away from Tokyo, and yet I could actually see it in my eyes. I couldn't believe what I was seeing at first: I didn't even know it was possible to see the Milky Way in Japan...

 The next day, I visited some museums, and spend a late morning at a dog cafe.
(Again, my dog wasn't there, haha)

Having a casual lunch of noodle, I headed back to my home in Tokyo.

 Perhaps the peninsula of Izu isn't so attractive than other places like Nikko or Hakone, famous day-trip destinations from Tokyo. But I'd like to emphasize that it might be a nice place to stay, especially when you're so busy that you want to go somewhere without doing anything in particular. I'm sure I'll be back soon :)

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