Turn to be 30-year-old.

 As a high school student back in 2004, when I was 16 years old, I had no idea what it's like to be a mid age man. Even more, I hadn't expected to be. That might not be surprising, since my mental illness was about to emerge at that time, and I thought I would have commit suicide anytime soon. Time went on, however, I managed to survive those depressive dark era, including several critical moments such as suicide attempt. During my 20s, so many things had happened. I've been to East and Central Africa, South East Asia, Central America, and Middle Eastern countries, where many of them struggle under the regime change, autocratic government, desperate civil war after that. There was divorce after my 4-year marriage. My doctor had finally told me that my mental illness is over. I decided to move to Tokyo from my hometown Nagoya. I became a big believer for natural life. And here I am, I'm finally 30-year-old now :)

 Perhaps my period of 20s wasn't as great as ordinary Japanese who is the same generation of mine. But, I love my life. Sketching flowers and old-fashioned architectures, taking a long walk with my camera, cooking warm soups in the freezing morning... I love them all, and hopefully I keep enjoying the rest of my life as well.
 Before updating this post, let me briefly share with piece of moments through the past ten years :)


 Me, taken a day before my birthday in 2017 :)


  1. Hi there Futoshi-san^^
    I was having a really day today...not until I decided to click the bookmark link of your blog in my laptop..
    I'm reading your post smiling now!(life if weird haha!) Anyway,I'm really happy for your...No one can ever tell how difficult and painful your past was...but I'm sure they all happened for you to meet the other side of you..the person you've never thought you'll be....

    After graduating from university my life totally changed!my career completely took over almost everything(you know how crazy working life here in this country)..I'm torn sometimes but just like you going places and meeting different people,experiencing different cultures really helps me to appreciate life and be grateful...Sometimes we can't really control our lives but it is part of living here on earth : )

    It's a new you!happy "birth" day (^o^)/

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment, I really appreciate it :) Though I don't encourage anyone to experience difficult time such as divorce, I'm pretty sure it's changed me, made me think more than before.
      You guess what? I worry about your situation, especially your work-life balance, every time reading new post on your blog. How about sleep? Do you sleep well recently? Over here, I've spent a little bit sleepless week, and crucially need to go to bed!

      Well, If it helps you, you know where to find me anyway :)

    2. I'm sure that time will come!
      It would be a lot of fun shooting photographs here or there : )

    3. For person like me, who is a big fan of your pictures and storing them in my HDD, it must be wonderful being out there to shoot photographs until we get sick of it, haha.
      But, of course, please take your time, no need to hurry.
      When things seems calm and you're ready, I'll be there with my SLR camera! :)