The very first pottering on the first day of the year!

 New year's holiday in Japan is quite special for all Japanese, but especially, living in big cities, including the capital Tokyo. People from rural areas rushe to their hometown to see their parents, children, relatives and so forth. Needless to say, almost all trains and airplanes were heavily booked in advance, and even if you could get tickets, hub stations would be packed with families carrying huge bags and suitcases on their hands. That's why I kept staying in Tokyo so to avoid this incredible crowd. So... how about Tokyo, after most people had already left for their hometown? Let's find out :)

 As I hit the road, I found a very rare scene on my eyes.  Busy noisy streets normally have heavy traffic jam have almost no car passing, at all. Well, it must be the best for riders like me? :)

 You might notice something in my bottle folder. Is it a special sport drink, or what? Nope!

 I've got a pack of soymilk with sweet bean oshiruko (お汁粉) flavors!! We usually have this liquid sweet during New Years Holiday (well, it's not soymilk version, of course), and I thought it might remind me of it, haha.

 Okay, I'm almost there :)

 Here we are, a massive business city Shinjuku (新宿), where was the fewest people walking around through the year. No surprising, I thought, since most people come the city for work, and few businesses were still operating during the holiday. I did some chores until the evening, and...

 Cycling back to my home :)

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