Having deep-fried pork Tonkatsu in Daimon, Tokyo.

 A friend of mine and I visited a Tonkatsu, deep fried pork restaurant in a late August. Located just near the Tokyo Tower, I found a festival taken place on narrow streets on my way. Let's check it out before getting to the restaurant :)

 With dark, wet evening, it was so exotic, fancy mood on the streets. I love this kind of mood: red lamps lining up above the streets, people chatting endlessly with glasses of beers and wines in their hands every corner of the road. Okay, it's time to eat :)

 Among the tiny, old, a bit dirty buildings near Daimon Station, I found a light colored wooden counter table in front of the kitchen as I open the door of Nomoto-ya (のもと家,  Facebook page is here. It might be wonderful if you come alone, sitting on a chair, taking a glance at chefs cooking dishes while you're waiting for your dish to come. We took a seat besides the windows, asking them to bring some shochu (焼酎), a kind of Japanese strong liquior, ordinary around 25% of alcohol, made out of potatoes, rice and such. Apparently, they have a variety of Shochu on the menu. No wonder, I thought, since Tonkatsu is a soul food in Kyushu region, like Shochu. About 10 minutes later...

 Here it comes :)

 Though I am a big fan of Tonkatsu, had many experience to visit Tonkatsu restaurant before, I had never seen such a thick pork as it was. They also served salt, wasabi, soy sauce along with sweet sauces, so I could taste different ways for each piece. The food price for each person ranges from $20, but I think it's worth it ;)


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