Cooking, Matcha, and fireworks nearby.

 This was a week when I put much of my energy on cooking as ever. Not only Japanese food, but also Italian food is joy to do. Among those, I'm a big fan of making gnocchi, rolling the dough, cutting pieces, then pushing a folk on each of them, like a child playing in the kitchen. With hand-made tomato sauce on top, it was really an enjoyable afternoon for me :)

 And here it was. I steamed rice with yellow corn, which is now in the season in this country. Adding some salt and alcohol sake before boiling, this dish deeply reminded me of my sweet old days.

 While cooking, I heard of a huge explosion-like sound miles away from my room. I first thought it might have been a thunder of lightning or something. Maybe it would be soon raining here in Tokyo. As sounds continued, however, I realized it wasn't: it turned out to be lots of fireworks taken place somewhere not far away from here. I grabbed my camera and my tripod, dashed onto the street to find a flat place, then began to shoot. The fireworks themselves were rather tiny, almost like lighthearted ones. Well, I enjoyed it though, since I haven't seen them over a year at that time :)

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