Cooking grilled sardine with thick sweet teriyaki sauce :)

Although sardine is still cheaper than most of other fish, plus available all seasons, it was way cheaper decades ago. Sometimes fisherman had to threw it away, since the costs of fuel, getting to the market and stuff is much more than the price of sardine itself. Now that the volume of landing decrease, the price is getting higher and higher. But still, sometimes we can find a quality of sardine, which can be eaten in raw like sushi, in a good price such as $3 for 6 of them.

I bought it one day, carefully cleaned it the kitchen, then grilled. Served with thick sweet Teriyaki sauce, it was so yummy :)

Whenever buying sardines, I always put their bones into heat oil, cooking deep fries (We call it hone-senbei in Japanese). Seasoned with salt, black pepper and lemon juice, it's the best going with beer! :)

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