A short walk around Tokyo Station in the evening.

 Walking around the Station of Tokyo is fantastic, especially at the Gate of Marunouchi, where sophisticated retro-look buildings and shops stood. Last weekend, I visited there to shoot some photos. As I arrived, I found many people gathered at the station building that is also available as a hotel. It seemed the emperor was about to show up to come back to his palace (It's right near the station by the way). Fancy black vehicles are lined along its entrance to wait for him. "Well, it might be nice to see him from the distance, but I prefer to do my job!" I  opened my shoulder bag up to take pictures.

 One reason I was always amazed is its harmonized atmosphere. Despite it has both modern and retro-look architectures in one place, it doesn't look planless at all. On the contrary, they actually represent more than 100-year history of Tokyo Station. I just heard of the news they build the tallest building in this area by 2017. Well, I'm looking forward to seeing its gradual change :)

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