Visiting my brother's home in front of the Tokyo Bay.

 Opening up the entrance door, I could see a view of the sea right before me. Last weekend I visited one of my brothers who lives near the Tokyo Bay. He shares the room with other people, so called "room sharing", which became popular these days in Japan and he lives with two people besides him. Oh, he isn't the man just married weeks ago, he's another brother by the way :)

 When we got together, one of his roommates opened a white wine up while my brother and I were preparing for lunch. When he showed up, he smiled and told me "Congratulation for your wedding!". That made us laugh, since I wasn't the one who got married a few weeks before. "That's another brother!" My brother added. I have to be honest, I had never even imagined we became like this, standing next to each other to cook meals with chatting. Given recent events happened around my family, it's so astonishing for me to attend my older brother's wedding (about this episode, see this post), and this time for my younger brother.

 We talked and ate a lot, more than three hours. From an Eco Village he traveled sometime ago, a bicycle trip to West Japan and so forth. He said he would go 10-day-training for meditation in Kyoto, while he is nog going to be allowed to contact outside the world at all. Later on, I sent a text to him, but didn't reach. Perhaps he's in the middle of meditation by now ;)


  1. aaahh,such nice photographs you took!
    And the place where your brother lives looks so nice :)
    Here in Holland it is very common to share rooms as well, especially when you're a student of course ^^
    But also people who have already graduated and are now working.
    It has a lot of financial benefits you know :D
    How have you been doing lately, and thanks again for the mail you sent me !


    1. Suzanne-chan :)

      Is it very common to share rooms in your country?
      So nice, because it's not like that yet in Japan :(
      But gradually they start to do it recently :D

      As you know, I went to a tulip festival just a day before I tasted five types of sake!
      You don't know what I'm talking about?
      I posted about it just ago^^
      So take a look, please ;)