Sakura, cherry blossoms in Tokyo, 2014.

 Waiting for sakura, cherry blossom to be bloomed is one of the biggest joys of people in Japan. If you doubt it, watch the TV shows in late March. Along with the weather forecast, they tell you what it's like. "The western part of Japan finally saw cherry blossoms in full bloom, now, it's 70% bloom around Tokyo" When it's time, people get together in parks filled with it, bring boxed lunch and alcohol beneath trees, then a party starts. I'm not a person who join it, however, I like looking at people enjoying it :)

 The time for it has almost finished around Tokyo. Well, let's see it next year, I'm really looking forward to seeing it :D


  1. Hello Futoshiさん^^
    I was really busy this month so compared last year I wasn't able to take lots of pictures of spring>_<
    But anyway, Cherry blossoms over here are really beautiful as well : )

    I like the 7th picture^^

    1. Hi there! I have heard you moved to the other place, how's the situation recently? :) Is it going well? :D
      Over here we can see many kinds of flowers in markets as well.
      Probably because of upcoming Mother's Day ? ;)