Japanese new year treat Osechi, and Ise shrine!

 Every year, I begin the first day with Japanese new year treat Osechi (おせち料理) with my family. Because typical family population in this country continue to shrink, most family is no longer cook a bunch of food in it themselves, instead they get it from department stores and so forth that offer a variety of them. Ranges from $100-$1,500 for a set, it all depends on how luxurious ingredients are, rather than the quantity. In this photo, I think it would be around $150. Once we celebrate new year, I hopped on my car with my family, driving to the southwest to one of the most famous Shrines in Japan.

 Looking from the window, we came across the pacific ocean along the express way. Shining from the east, the weather couldn't be better :)

 As we arrived, we were trapped with so many people coming to the shrine.  It wasn't surprising, considering the fact that it hosts around 500,000 prayers just in first three days of each year. Not all people are particularly religious, I believe. Many people come there to see their relatives, have drinks such as sake and hot meal in street stands along the way :)

 In a vast garden, there are woods, countless narrow paths, and even river. It's the best place to take a walk for the first day of the year! ;)

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