Azabu Juban Summer Festival in August, 2017.

 Going to summer festivals is one of the most exciting experiences for me. Every summer, I look forward to festivals with people wearing traditional colorful clothes kimono, huge fireworks hanabi blooming on the sky. In 2017, I joined one of the most popular summer festivals held in a fancy city in Azabu (麻布十番), Tokyo.

Usually taken place in the middle of every August, more than 400,000 people gathering to have nice meal on the street as well as drinks in this festival Juban-matsuri (十番祭り). Despite such a high-ranking and sophisticated district, many restaurants, including the ones with Michelin star, have food stalls to serve fine meals just for a few dollars. Well, I absolutely can't miss it!

Most drinks and meals are available around $5-7, so we can pick a little by little, and enjoy a variety of food. That's a good thing about going to festivals in Japan :)

 Chopped eels ;)

 Not only food stalls, but also they had a parade walking on the main street, members of jazz clubs playing on a stage. With lot of songs and unique food, this festival made my weekend so memorable ;) 

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