Cherry blossom, outing for dinner, lovely dogs.

 As winter grows deeper, I find myself joining more home parties. Going out to a local supermarket and a fish store to get a fine ingredients with my friends, then heading back to kitchen to spend hours cooking and eating while taking drinks. Usually, the table was filled with a plate of fresh vegetable salad, a dozen of sliced bread from neighbouring bakery, and cheese. After having a starter, we moved on to a big dish such as grilled fish, seasoned rice. Here's some photos telling what it was like :)

 Well... as you might already know.... I can't go without lovely dogs! Never! :D

 It's not only home parties I love: I'm a huge fan of eating out!

Anywhere I go, I take a couple of good quality of alcohol, including sake. Not always, perhaps. It all depends on who I eat out with XD But anyway,  I'm always looking forward to having jokey conversations while having meals.

 The season of Cherry blossom tree sakura is just around the corner, and I definitely have to prepare for making lunch box to go out in a warm day :)

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