Take a long walk in Shiinjuku gyoen park, autumn 2016 :)

Taking a long walk at Shinjuku gyoen park (新宿御苑) is always fun, especially in autumn, when leaves turn into bright yellow and deep red, falling onto the ground like dancing in the wind. One day in the early December, I decided to go see them myself.

 To the big park, there are several gates to get into, while others are available only for special days. Passing across the most famous gate "Shinjuku-mon (新宿門)", where is the nearest gate from Shinjuku Station,  one of huge stations to a business district in Tokyo, I found many trees with gorgeous color all around. Ever since I moved to Tokyo, I've never missed to walk along trees in this park during this season. Watching small duo of bird flying over trees, sitting on a wooden bench to see children playing with balls while their mothers entertain themselves chatting under mid-morning sunlight. Everything seems so peaceful to me :)

Well, I'm sure I'll be back in the next autumn again :)

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