Around the table.

 This was a week I had a variety of drink in many places. Since I had planned to go back to my hometown Nagoya by Shinkansen, or bullet train, I brought a pack of soy milk, spent some comfortable time in the car. There are many kind of taste available, and they also provide some strange flavor like coke and pudding....Well, my preference is Sakura!

 I also had a wonderful rest early morning in a Starbucks located in the suburb of a town. I really liked coming here in the early, handful people sitting, doing nothing in particular, and clerks in the cafe behave much slow and smooth than other situation such as a Sunday's afternoon. I sometimes took a glance at the window while reading books and sending a mail. I'm sure I'll be back in the near future :)

 And of course, it's a great pleasure to have a green tea in my home. Before dawn, with my lunch, I think I drink too much tea recently. The first thing I do when I come back to my home is start boiling water to make a tea. I just can't stop it!! :D


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    1. That's right, it's a sakura flavor!
      I always store several tastes in my room, like you saw yesterday!