Wine bar and Autumn leaves :)

It already hit 23:00 when I came across a bar among tall buildings in Shinjuku district, Tokyo. I was definitely hungry at that time, and having the dinner with some wine seemed nice. As I sit a dark brown stool, I smiled a little bit. Apart from me, all of customers chatting and drinking were couple: men and women, and I was the only one who came alone. That's okay, I gradually get used to it, haha. So.... let's begin with a glass of white wine :)

While drinking and eating, I listened to sounds the bar making. Washing dishes, metallic sounds from the knives and the fork, about the schedule for New Year's holiday which chefs talked enthusiastically. (In this month December, we all look forward to spending the holiday with family and relatives) Okay, it's already 24:30 and I definitely rush to the station to catch the final train!

And meantime....

 Autumn leaves have me feel I'm a part of this planet. I love walking anywhere filled with the nature.  It's a way of feeling satisfy :)

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