Walking and drinking :)

 As it gets cold so suddenly, I felt the urge to drink in a bar a few days ago. It might have been better go by train or other transport, however, I prefer to get there on foot. I walk all the way from a business city Shinjuku to Nihonbashi, right next to the Tokyo Station. So, let's have a look something I shot in the evening :)

 On the way, I dropped in at Omote-Sando, where sophisticated boutiques and jewelry shops are on the streets. Decorated with Christmas illuminations, it was fantastic and gorgeous atmosphere. I definitely like it :)

As I passed Ginza district, I felt a bit hungry and needed something to eat. So...

 Here it was :D Newly inside, Tsujihan (つじ半) is a budget friendly place to eat. (Ranges from $10 to $20) A variety of chopped fish topped on the rice with sesame, I put soy based sauce on top, then ate it. After finishing it, they poured hot soup stock with smooth taste. It was so nice, especially when it's so cold outside ;)

 Now that I'm full, let's have a drink in the bar.

 With nice warm bar, the bar was filled with people chatting. I guess drank a bit too much at that time :) No regret!

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