Autumn has come!

As the temperature gets cooler, I often find myself taking a long walk in Tokyo. Walking is one of my few things that became my weekly habits since I moved to Tokyo. I love wandering anywhere in this big city, literally, anywhere. Unlike many other cities in Japan, Tokyo is so diverse that I can sense quickly where I am, even if it was my first time visiting. Sure, it looked all the same from the window of the train. But once you actually set foot on its soil, you could find the difference. Old post-war-style houses stood along a narrow street, but once you look up, there are a bunch of skyscrapers on your eyes. New and Old, stylish and traditional, European and Asian...And an office district comes along with collage students' town... All of them live along side by side in the city. Every time I walk, I find something new, and it was Taco Bell one day. They were long gone since they withdrew from Japan, though, they finally came back in Shibuya, a city loved by young age. Many elders and people spend time in abroad welcomed its return, I heard from someone, and it reminds me of my only one experience eating there: Costa Rica. So why don't I drop off at it to remember my old days? ;)

I expect another wonderful walking within days, perhaps :)

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