Good bye 2014 :)

 When I look back at the year of 2014, the first thing comes up in my mind is "We can go such a long distance if we make as much effort as possible". Not only my mental health, but also many other matters that weren't even interested in the beginning of the year. I still remember the day I began to draw pictures on 27th of December, 2013. And through 2014, I kept on doing it. Even the time I didn't have pencils for that, I drew whatever I had at that time, with my ball point across my daily note.

 And, of course, my passion for food grows further. I started wandering around many markets to find something new and fresh, something we only can see there. However, what I love the most is people working. Early in the morning, before sunrise, filled with loud voices and shouting. There is never like this atmosphere anywhere else.

 2014 was traveling year as well. I spent much more time being out of Tokyo than ever. My hometown, some western city, and Central America. I enjoyed a lot staying somewhere new, and I never got bored on transports. Reading, watching films, or being meditation with my eyes closed. I had never had any wasting time in 2014.

 One notable thing was, I've read over 250 books in 2014. It was absolutely the top record in my life. For instance, a psychology book of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Symposium of Plato, and Mind Map of Tony Buzan. Those are my favorites.  I hope I can make another record this year.

 After quitting previous work, I focused on doing something on my computer. It's tough, for sure, but I want to do my best at least for the time being.

 Strangely enough, some of my friends started to ask me to use my pictures for their websites and fliers. I didn't mean to sell them at first though, I accepted with a big smile because it may be better if my lovely pictures are seen by a lot of people. So...

 I take pictures this 2015, too :)

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