Pottering 70km to Tokyo Bay.

 It's so exciting and comfortable to cycle in Tokyo, especially such a sunny warm day.  I took my bicycle to head to Tokyo Bay to see the ocean, to feel the fresh air. Since most of the famous places there is rather flat to go back and forth, it was indeed made me happy while peddling.

 To avoid being lost in the middle of the city, I attached my new iPhone6 on my front handle, looking at Google Maps every now and then. Thanks to this, I could easily understand where I was. Personally, I believe that walking or cycling help understand the place where I am. Driving by car is too fast to recognize the look of the whore place for me. Anyway...

 Why don't you stop to eat one-plate style sushi on the way? ;) You deserve it :D When I go outside by bicycle, I prefer to eat sushi or other foods that is not so oily. Once I became full, I came back on the bicycle to keep peddling.

 Near Tokyo Station, you can find a place once Edo Castle was there. It was my first time to be there by bicycle. The view from the pedestrian road was so fantastic, and it seemed a lot of people enjoyed running along with it. They are so called "Kokyo-runner", named after Japanese word Kokyo, means the imperial residence. Yes, now it's their home.

 Okay, we're almost there :)

 It was 9 hours, a half day trip last Sunday. I was not hurrying, so I could be relaxed so much. Before getting back to my home, I decided to drop in at a fried pork, or Tonkatsu restaurant that I had longed for visiting for months. When I approached it, I found the town was in the middle of holding a festival. Portable Shrines were moved by a dozen of people before the station. Huge crowd watched it with their kids dancing. And I, well, I still went to the restaurant and ate great deep-fried pork with listening to the excited voices outside :) So memorable day! ;)


  1. すごいこの写真!
    and aaaahhとんかつ!大好きです!
    I will send you a mail tomorrow (:
    Please look forward to it. じゃあね!

    1. Hi there, I've sent back to you a several days ago, but let me send more soon :)
      Somehow, I decided to eat Tonkatsu, not made of porks, but made of chickens.
      (We call it チキンカツ by the way :)
      I can't go without meat neither, haha :D