Some getting away.

 For a person like me, it's so easy to spend a day without going out anywhere,  just reading books from the dawn to the midnight.  In order to stop such a routine, I packed my stuff, then got a bus to my hometown Nagoya.

 On the way, I found a lake called "Hamana-ko" beside the expressway. It's my favorite place to take a rest, with warm sunshine and a bit strong window coming toward me. After arriving in Nagoya...

I ate so many foods every day, every time. Summer  in Japan is really tough, even for Japanese people. They often become like illness due to its hot weather, tend to eat less than the usual. Although I eat as same as other seasons, I also enjoy eating out for somewhere.

 Well, that's the way of my life. Once I'm fed by something, I just move to the other place so that I can take fresh air. I always wonder if I stay in Tokyo longer than staying other cities and countries :)


  1. きれいな写真だね!
    ふとしがくれた料理の本のレシピを使う (:

    1. Good afternoon, Suzanne-san :D

      That's right, it's Tonkatsu!
      Did you cook it? How did it turn out?
      I like both cooking and eating it, so yummy :)
      I'm sure you also like it, since you can't go without meat! ;)
      I'm so proud if the book would help you make it^^


    2. とても美味しかった!
      その料理の本のレシピは最高 :D
      ああ、新しいポストを書いたね、これから読む :)

    3. Suzanne-san, I'm pleased to hear that you made it well.
      I guess the next time I send a recipe book, I had better send the one written in Japanese ;)
      Don't forget to check out my posts, I sometimes introduce my recipes as well :)