A short stay in Toyama.

 After informed of my grandmother's  hospitalized, I quickly took trains to go to Toyama, where she was.

 Summer in Toyama is fun, although it became more and more humidity summers these past years. I rather like winters in Toyama, filled with snow, I could feel I finally came back.

It was the weekend of a festival in the center of Toyama city. Crowded people and fireworks, I'm terrible with noisy place, however, I liked it :)

On the way back to my grandmother's home, I found this train nearby. Wow, decorated with full of cartoons.

Spending nights in a traditional room, and then....

 The same restaurants, with the same people, and my grandmother was fine ;)


 Her house was built about 40 years ago, that time they still had many traditional houses here and there. Hers is one of them. opening a small door....

 It has a tiny garden by her own room. When I was young, anytime I was there, regardless of seasons I visited, I liked spending times in her room. I could see the beautiful space once I opened her room. She is a good poet as well, she made some poems about me, I still remember.

 We don't have such kind of purely traditional rooms anymore. Living in a small apartment in Tokyo, I really want to move there!
 'I wish you could be my home, keep my house after I died.' She said to me in the hospital.
 'I'll always come back, like this time.' I smiled.



  1. Konnichiwa!
    It's nice to see the interior of your grandmother's home. Very quaint!
    By the way, what's the thing you are eating? That one on the first picture.
    Jaa ne!

    1. こんにちは、Suzanne_san ;)
      I like the room of my grandmother's too!
      It always makes me feel at home.

      The first picture is a kind of Japanese cracker called "sen-bei".
      You can see a Nori on it^^
      Basically its taste is soy sauce, but these days they started to offer many testes like sugar, pepper, chili, and even curry! :D