Again, nothing is for sure.

 Perhaps I'm still in love with her, perhaps not.
What I know is I know nothing anymore, but life still goes on.


A piece of memory in October :)

 Yeah I'll be back soone :)


New work, fine dining and oil painting!

 For a long time, I regard myself as a strictly analogue person who never goes well with this high-tech era. I always love reading old novels on train while other passengers gazed at their smartphone like forever. I have never had a digital watch, let alone a smart watch, as you can imagine. In such a self-isolation, I love the way I do. 

 New work has finally started out this month, and I spent somewhat calm days. Trying to get used to a whole new environment in weekdays, and having fine dining on weekends.  And I believe I'm not gonna change this peaceful lifestyle anytime soon :)

 And yes, my obsession for painting never vanishes!


paint in summer of 2019 :)

 As the deadly hot and humid summer has been finally gone, I feel like writing things happened around me in the summer of 2019.

 It was modestly calm and peace in my mind, and apart from occasional long-distance driving and long work time, most of my spare time had been dedicated to have nice food in restaurants and cafes, and painting in home.

 I know my life is way different from ordinary people in Japan. There's no doubt about it. But I love the way I am, you know :)


Photography and painting.

 As a kid, I had always regarded a painter as someone like a wizard. They create something from nothing. They are mysterious, attractive, and beyond my imagination.

 That's probably why I started taking photographs when I was 20s. I thought like, okay, I want to paint, but let's face it, can person like me without any talent do it? As I continued to take photographs, I felt content in some sense. To be honest, I was good at it, and some people even offered me to do it as a job. The point was, however, I couldn't give up painting. So this year, after 10 years since I started photography, I finally bought oil painting brushes and colours, then started out.

 I don't know how it would develop, but I'm quite happy with this current situation :)


Lost in my thoughts.

 Long July is finally about to be gone, and I think I should be proud of myself for surviving this harsh month. I had to visit many many companies for job interviews, which is quite tiring, and so many other chores to do. But in the same time, I could spend my spare time cooking and painting. That at least, is a nice thing about quitting a job. So let's see what it was like in July for me.

 I believe things are getting better soon, and there's no need to get depressed at all! :D


Painting, painting, painting!

 Alright, I'm finally back to publish a new post, which I've missed last month. For me, previous month was all about food and painting, and I had never afraid of showing what I think was important. One day I went out, hanging with friends until midnight, and the other day I found myself sitting in front of a easel, gazing at a blank canvas, spending a whole day painting. And crucially enough, I love them both. That's what it was like in June.

 Yeah, I prefer to do my best instead of just sitting in a chair and sobbing!


oil painting on Sunday.

 Yeah, I'm getting better!! :)